Vibraprint™ is a poly domed label and Texture Tone™ is a 3D dimensional process.

Vibraprint™ and Texture Tone™ are the processes to create custom products quickly. The two processes are similar to each other,
but there are some key differences.

Overall Difference
Vibraprint™ is a full-color label with a poly dome on top that is generally faster to make and less expensive.
Texture Tone™ is a 3D, full-color printed premium product that generally takes a bit longer to make.

General Product Differences

Vibraprint™ Texture Tone™
Production Time5-7 Days7-10 Days

Differences in Decoration

Table header 0Vibraprint™ Texture Tone™
Full Color
3D Dimensional Print
Exposed Plating
Sandblasted Appearance

Example Images


Texture Tone