Achieve awesome-looking imprints fast with Texture Tone™. Here’s everything you need to know.

Overview of Texture Tone™

Texture Tone™ is a quick decoration process that can create a high-quality imprint w/ Texture and Special Effects.

These items are all made in the USA.

Additionally, the versatility of the decoration method means it’s available on all express products (products produced in-house).

In short, the combination of high quality and quick production time makes this decoration process ideal for projects that have a close in-hands date and require high quality.

Benefits of Texture Tone™

High Quality Decoration

Texture Tone™ is a high-quality imprint that 3D Prints Texture with Special Effects. It can make your customers’ last-minute jobs look like fantastic, fully custom pieces that took months to produce.


It is a quick production time (5 – 7 business days) and produced in the USA (in North Carolina and California). That means it’s a short ship to most people in the United States.

Custom & Stock Shapes

Achieve a custom shape (with cutouts) when you use customizable materials like Acrylic or Wood. You can also use our stock products with pre-defined imprint locations.

Satisfy Artwork Requirements

The Texture Tone™ decoration is extremely adept at fulfilling artwork requirements. It can produce Gradients, Full Color, and Fine Details.

Production Flexibility

Texture Tone™ can be used on any express product, customized with variable data.

Ideal Use Cases - when you should use Texture Tone™

Last Minute – High-Quality Jobs
The overarching benefits of Texture Tone™ are Speed, Quality and Flexiblity. As such, it is primarily used for high-quality, last minute jobs. The typical scenario is when your client asks for something high quality, but needs it in a week or two (that never happens, right ;).

Effects Breakdown


Background Options



Style Options

Texture Tone Default Style

Full Color Image With Gradients

Faux Sandblast Background Effect

Faux Antique Style